Vintage Japanese Tin Toy Armored Car Savings Bank by Hayashi 9.75″ Working


I am pleased to offer this Vintage Armored Car Savings Bank Tin Friction Toy Car! 

This great bank is constructed of brightly lithographed tin, and features a coin slot on the top. The back door features a key lock (key is included!) and handle. 

Then the door is opened, an alarm rings as a lever slowly opens the door.  

The front wheels are attached to a friction motor, and when pushed it moves the van forward rather well.

The Hayashi trademark can bee seen on the rear passenger side.

Measures approx. 9-3/4″ L x 3-3/4″ W x 4-1/4″ H


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This vintage armored car bank is in good condition, showing some mild scratching and a few small dents to the tin. There are some small spots of oxidation as well. The rear door functions as intended, and the friction motor is in strong working condition.


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