Vintage Grundig Heim-Boy Tube Radio AM/FM Bakelite


Vintage table model Grundig Heim-Boy 1 Tube Radio.  This item was made in West Germany and dates to the 1950’s.  If features 6 AM circuits and 8 FM circuits.  It has a brown bakelite case with push buttons on the front.  Measures 11 1/2″ X 6″ X 7 1/2″.

It powers up and the lights come on when the unit is plugged in.  The AM tuning knob does not turn the AM dial;  the FM knob turns the FM dial to tune stations.  The volume knob is working on the FM side but could be a replacement. 

The case is cracked along the front around the left dial and push buttons.  The push buttons are working but I’m not sure if all are doing their proper functions.  There is also a crack on the top near the left edge and some light scratches throughout. 

The interior of the radio is dusty and dirty.  The back cover is intact but there are two screws missing on the bottom.  The cord is intact with only light wear. 



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