Vintage French Lithographed Tin Motorcycle Touring Rider Sidecar SFA Paris 6.5″


I am pleased to offer this Vintage c. 1950s Tin Motorcycle with Sidecar Toy!  This toy was produced by SFA, and was made in Paris, France.  The toy is constructed of brightly lithographed tinplate.  The license plates are marked “2139-RP9”.

Large whitewall tires with lithographed tread on dark criss-cross spoked rims.  Blunt nose skiff sidecar with accented nose.  Rider wears riding suit with raised goggles.

Measures approx. 6-1/2″ L x 3-3/4″ W x 4-1/8″ H


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This vintage toy is in very good condition for its age, showing some mild scratching on the driver, and some light scratching across the body and sidecar. There are a few large scratches to the paint on the rear ends. The wheels roll well when the toy is pushed. Great addition to any Motorcycle toy display!


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