Vintage Ford Model T Touring Japanese Tin Friction Car w/ Top 10.25″ Cragstan


I am pleased to offer this Vintage 1925 Ford Model T Touring Convertible Tin Friction Car from Japan. 

This awesome vintage friction car is the famous Ford Model T, with a cloth convertible top (does not fold) and a Burgundy/teal litho coloring.

The front license plate is marked S-1925. 

This toy looks to be from the 1960s, and is marked “Made in Japan” on the interior dash board and on the bottom of the car as well. 

Although the car is unmarked by its maker, it strongly resembles a Cragstan / SSS toy

The car sits on 4 rubber tires on tin rims, with a spare tire on the back.

Measures approx 10-1/4″ L x 4″ W x 4-1/2″ H


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This vintage Friction car is in good working condition, showing some light play wear. There are a few spots of paint wear around the wheel wells and trim, and a spot of oxidation/brighter paint on the rear rim behind the convertible top/right side. There are a couple of small tears in the cloth convertible top, and some light spots of of oxidation on the metal trim. The friction motor works, making a loud noise as you push the car forwards/backwards. When pushed hard on a flat smooth surface the car will move itself a few feet forward and come to a gradual stop.


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