Vintage c. 1949 Marx Dick Tracy Squad Car #1 Blue Friction Variation 11″ L


  • Slightly Uncommon variation on the 1949 Marx Dick Tracy Squad Car
  • You’ll see the Green Wind-Up Variation all day every day, but this metallic blue friction model not so much.
  • Great Dick Tracy lithograph characters and vibrant body.
  • Great potential for a fun restore, especially if you don’t have this variation (parts are easy comebys)
  • Car approx. 11″ Long x 4-1/8″ W x 3-1/4″ H
  • Fun addition to any toy collection!


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Fair overall condition. Good uncommon candidate for restore. Body shows some moderate scratching, but retains majority of the original litho. Original roof lamp is missing, and had been replaced by a socket. Friction is working well, making a loud siren noise and moving the car. The rear tires are loose replacements, and somewhat impede movement as they’re not solidly connected to the axle. Tested with a battery and the light didn’t work, but that’ll be part of the restore anyway.


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