Vintage 1979 Miss Piggy Pink Car Corgi Princess Wave


I am pleased to offer this Vintage 1979 Corgi Miss Piggy riding in a pink car. Miss Piggy has her hand raised in a princess wave and is wearing a glamorous top with matching gloves. The bottom of the car is stamped “Corgi” and is dated 1979. Made in Great Britain. The screw on the underside shows some oxidation. There are chips in the paint on each wheel well of the car as well as the top of the heart in the front of the car. The license plate sticker on the front says “PIG 1E” and has worn away on the edges. The back license plate sticker is missing. Miss Piggy has some wearing away of the color on her right eye, bodice, and gloves.  

This piece measures approx. 2-1/4″ inches tall x 4″ inches wide

Thank you for viewing!


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