Vintage 1970s Taiyo Japan Battery Op Lightning Star Camaro Z.28 Tin Toy Drag Car


I am pleased to offer this Vintage 1970s Battery Operated Lightning Star Camaro Z.28 Toy by Taiyo! 

This vintage Camaro is brightly lithographed with emblems and text, and features a litho detailed interior as well.

The car body appears to be that of a 1970-73 style.  

It is powered by 2 D batteries (not included), and when switched on the trunk lights up and the car quickly drives forwards (features bump-n-go action, so it will turn itself).

Measures approx. 10-1/4″ L x 3-3/4″ W x 3-1/8″ H



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This vintage Camaro is in good working condition, showing some moderate scratching to the body from previous use. The white on the body has faded and slightly yellowed. Battery compartment has slight oxidation on the contacts, but otherwise clean. Bottom panel appears to have been removed/reattached at some point. Tested with batteries and the car drove, albeit a bit sluggishly. The bump-n-go action function well, and the rear light flashes. Displays well!


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