Vintage 1950s Unique Art Musical Sail-Way Carousel Litho Tin Wind Up Toy VG


I am pleased to offer this Vintage c. 1950s Unique Art Mfg. Musical Sail-Way Carousel Tin Wind Up Toy! 

This is an absolutely beautiful vintage Unique Art Carousel!  The toy is constructed of brightly lithographed tin with Navy/Nautical graphics. 

Three tin children sit in plastic boats,and hang on to metal lines. 

The base has a lever which acts as the wind up, and when pulled out the carousel will begin to spin, raising the boats almost horizontal to the ground while making musical notes.

Measures approx. 9-1/4″ H x 6-3/16″ Diameter


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This vintage carousel toy is in very good working condition. The lithograph remains vibrant and glossy, with very light scratches present on the tower, base, and edges. The wind up is strong, and the toy functions as intended. All the tabs are present, with the underside tabs being a bit bent.


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