Vintage 1940s Wolverine Jet Roller Coaster Lithograph Tin Windup Toy Working


I am pleased to offer this Vintage c. 1940s Wolverine Jet Roller Coaster Tin Windup Toy! 

This beautiful and entertaining toy features a small futuristic “Jet” car that rolls down the slope, then rolls backwards into the wind up mechanism which picks it up and resets it back onto the top! 

The toy will repeat this action for hours of fun!

The toy is made of tin that is brightly lithographed with a roller coaster theme on the body, and graphics of riders inside the car. 

The underside has the original wolverine lithographed instructions.

Measures approx. 21″ Long (with track extended) x 3-1/2″ W x 3-5/8″ H 



This toy is in very good working condition. The body and tracks show mild scratching from age, with very mild oxidation present along the edges and inside the body. The car shows light scratching to the litho as well. The wind up is very strong, and with a full wind the toy operates smoothly for a long while.


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