Vintage 1932 Football Photograph Mohegan Lake Military Academy Team NY


  • Very Nice shot of a early 1930s football team
  • Team is lined up on the field, with their presumed coach standing behind them to the side.
  • Image is marked: “Mohegan Lake Academy 1932 – Undefeated Unscored Upon”
  • Image is also marked by “Pen-Rose Photo”
  • Photo is roughly an&nbsp,10×8 held between a thick card and matting.
  • Card measures approx: 12″ x 10″

Note: Mohegan Lake Academy was a Boys military School near Peeksill, New York from the late 1800s to about 1934.



Displays well, nice shot of the team. Mild silvering present in the dark areas. The mat itself show some moderate wear on the right side corners and some discoloration for age/storage. The bottom left mat corner is loose from the card. Image remains held firm by the mat/card.


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