Vintage 1930s The Selling Compass Volumes 1 & 2 Guide To Selling in Person Funny


  • Very interesting and Hilarious Set of Salesmen Books!
  • The Selling Compass Volume One and Volume 2
  • From my reading, these books teach salesmen how to sell to a person completely based on their physical features (like “how to sell to a blonde person” or “How to sell to a Person with a Flat Head”)
  • It’s rather funny, especially for any modern salesmen.
  • For Example: “When the Buyer has Prominent ‘Popping-out Eyes” – He will likely sell himself. Let them talk, as they will usually talk themselves into buying”
  • Both volumes are full of this amazing material.
  • Measure approx. 4-1/2″ x 6-1/4″


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Good overall condition. The spine for the cover of volume one is worn but is holding together. There are a few loose pages from the rings, however majority are in good shape and intact. Very funny read from a modern sales perspective!


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