Vintage 1930 Photos- College Girls & Thompson Hall UNH


This listing is for two vintage photos that look like they are mounted on a page from someone’s photo album.

The 1st photo looks like it is some sort of team photo of a small group of female college students. Three of the six girls are wearing dark, long sleeve sweaters that say “1929” or “1930”. They appear to be posing in front of a school building. This photo is in good condition and is mounted on a piece of black construction or photo album paper. The paper has the names of the girls written on the right hand side, there is also writing below the photo that has faded a lot, I can only make out the word “team” and possibly “interfraternity”. The photo image measures 5″ x 7″. Photo appears to be glued onto the paper.

The 2nd photo is on the other side of the paper. It is a nighttime shot and shows a building on a college campus. The caption below the photo says “Thompson Hall at Midnight”. I Googled “Thompson Hall” and found a photo of a building at the University of New Hampshire website that looks exactly like this building (This building is on the National Register of Historic Places and it is the signature building for the University of New Hampshire). This photo is in good condition, and shows some light yellowing due to age discoloration. The image measures 6 5/8″ x 4 3/8″. Photo appears to be glued onto the paper.


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