Vintage 1927 Marx Honeymoon Special Tin Windup Toy For Parts Restore Easy Repair


  • Very Cool Late 1920s Marx Honeymoon Special Toy
  • Second litho variation of the toy, also to note a more uncommon gray/blue/red train
  • Fixed key / wind up motor underneath the base
  • Needs a small repair to be functional, or just fine for display.
  • Measures approx. 6″ Diamater
  • no res



Nice overall cosmetic condition, minimal scratching and loss to the original litho. Clockwork motor is strong and functioning well when wound up. The only issue is that the end of the arm that holds the train to the motor post has stripped badly (see photos). There have been previous attempts at repair that I imagine held for some time, but eventually gave in to wear themselves. Easy repair for those inclined.


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