Very Rare c. 1905 Strauss MFG Co. Clock Blocks Set Complete Child Learning Toy


  • Very Rare and beautiful example of Early Strauss Manufacturing Company Children’s Toys!
  • c.1905, this wooden building block set, and was reviewed at its time as “something entirely new in blocks”.
  • Strauss Clock Blocks were uniquely cut to for the shape of a clock.  One side of the blocks were printed with clock numbers and hands. The reverse side was printed with a Year calendar that helped teach months, days and seasons.
  • Particularly designed for Kindergartners, but also extended into learning for Primary Grades.
  • Set comes complete in the original box with the original instructions.  Advertisement on the back of the instructions is dated 1904.
  • Great Lithograph artwork on the box.
  • Box measures approx. 8-3/8″ x 8-1/2″ x 1-1/8″


  • A brief excerpt from Volume 39 of “Fabrics, Fancy-Goods & Notions” (Jan. 1905) speaks to the blocks:
  • “Strauss Clock Blocks are distinctly novel in every way, and certainly constitute something entirely new in blocks, not alone as to form, but as to use. The set consists of forty-four blocks, printed on two sides. When properly arranged one side shows a clock face and the other a calendar. The hands of the clock can be moved around by shifting the blocks on which they are printed, giving the time in periods of five minutes. The value of such an arrangement, both for amusement and instruction, will be quickly appreciated. The calendar shows the months, the number of days in each month and the seasons properly arranged. In addition the blocks can be used for making all sorts of figures, articles, animals and birds.”



Very good overall condition considering they’re around 113 years old! The wood blocks are in great shape, showing very light edge wear overall. Original markings on both sides remain clear. The original instructions show some mild edge wear and light discoloration. The original box shows some moderate edge wear with a couple of small tears and some moderate staining. The original artwork on the lid remains intact and vibrant.


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