Unusual Antique Hand Crafted 100% Carved Horn Walking Stick Cane Banded 33″ L


  • Very interesting and unique Antique Walking Stick
  • Handcrafted entirely out of carved horn, even the pins in the handle are horn!
  • Nice curved figural hoof handle
  • Tapering shaft with repeating banded pattern
  • Modern white rubber ferrule
  • Overall Length approx. 33″
  • Great addition to your collection!

Note: This is definitely a display piece and not to be used functionally, unless you’re simply carrying it.  The design is not supportive of weight and overall the walking stick is fairly fragile.


SKU: 60033 Category: Canes & Walking Sticks Tags: antique, Folk Art, Walking Stick


Very good overall condition considering the fragility. There is some moderate scratching across the piece, with a few small nicks here and there. There are multiple small chips on the horn, notable on the banded rings but seen throughout (see photos for examples). One black band near the lower center has a small section that was filled with rubber. The ferrule is a modern white rubber.


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