Thomas Jefferson Silverplate Spoon Louisiana Purchase


I am pleased to offer this Thomas Jefferson Louisiana Purchase Silverplate Spoon by WM Rodgers MFG. Co.  The Louisiana Purchase was a vital event of Thomas Jefferson’s presidency, stirring up all kinds of constitutional conflicts and debate amongst Americans.  Worried that a foreign power controlling the land could potentially block or interrupt trade to the port city of New Orleans, Jefferson had to devise a plan to acquire the territory.  After the Spanish sold back the territory to the French, Napoleon sent a military force to secure New Orleans and started a Nationwide Panic of a possible French Invasion.  Determined to avoid war with the French, Jefferson sent James Monroe to negotiate the purchase, and threaten a treaty with England if the negotiations failed.

The purchase doubled the size of the United States at the time, and added the land that would contain the present day states of Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Parts of Minnesota, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Louisiana.

This Jefferson Spoon is in good condition, showing some light scratching. 

Measure 6″ Long 

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