Scarce 1920s Charles Rossignol France Tinplate Wind up Limousine Toy Car 15″


  • c. mid 1920s Large Scale Tinplate Car by Charles Rossignol (CR) of France
  • Not too often you come across these large scale CRs
  • #1002-CR  Classic Saloon Car with Lithographed Tin Chauffeur Driver 
  • Litho’d Green Body with red striped accent, Pale yellow Roof, Red Mudguard side skirts.
  • Large two-piece tin Comfort Tires with spare Dunlop Balloon on the rear.
  • Opening Trunk
  • Battery Operated Headlights w/ Bulbs (Uses a French Battery Cell, can be rigged fairly easily to power bulbs)  Tested and bulbs are working
  • Large Fixed-key spring drive, tested and working well. Can travel a good distance even with loose wheel.
  • Measures approx. 15″ Long x 5-1/2″ W x 6″ H
  • Unique addition to any collection!

For those piqued by history: CR (1868-1962) was one of the most successful toy manufacturers in French, as well as world, history.  Founded by Charles Rossignol in 1868, then run by his Son from 1888 on. The company shut its doors in 1962.  They produced some amazing tin toys, ranging from trains, motor cars, busses, planes, robots, boats, and more!  Chrles Rossignol is also credited with being the creator of the tab and slot assembly method for tin toys, which was eventually adopted by toymakers worldwide. 




Displays well, very attractive large scale tin. Has some overall wear but hey, it’s a scarce car! Paint on the Mudguards, roof edges, window frames and headlights have touchups that are blended ok. Wiring to the battery box has been redone as well, and the bulbs looks newer. Green body litho shows some light scratching. Hood ornament repaired. Driver-side Front wheel can fall off the axle easily, but can be posed well.Driver in great shape with minimal loss. Please inspect photos thoroughly and ask any questions you may have before committing!


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