Rare Set 3 Miniature Japanese Musical Instrument Pieces Koto Samseu


I am pleased to offer this Vintage Set of Three Miniature Japanese Musical Instruments. Set includes a traditional seven-string koto (as marked on back with #1769), a four-string guitar style instrument that resembles the three-string shamisen (marked SAMSEU), and a third koto style instrument with two strings (marked #1769). All appear wooden with strings attached.

The seven-string koto makes soft sounds when plucked, the others do not. Strings on two-string koto appear slightly loose in the center from possible use. String guard on guitar piece moves up and down, can be removed. All show slight wear from use with very slight marks on strings overall. Nice overall aged condition!

Note: A koto is a traditional Japanese stringed musical instrument and the national instrument of Japan.

Fantastic vintage set of Japanese instruments!

Measurements: approx. seven-string koto 5-1/4″ inch long x 7/8″ inches wide; samseu 3-1/2″ inches long x 3/4″ inches wide; two-string koto 5″ inches long x 3/4″ inches wide.

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