Rare Mid-Century Latvian Arts Leather & Silver Photo Album Janis Pontaks History




  • Stunningly Beautiful and Historically Rich Collection
  • Handcrafted Leather & Silver Photograph Album (empty) Traditional Latvian Folk Art on the Silver.
  • Made c. 1950 by artist Janis Pontaks (Pontags in America), Born 1902
  • Multiple Certificates and Diplomas from various countries in Leather working and Metal Working
  • Certifications and publications from Numerous Exhibition where he featured his work
  • YMCA US Zone Germany Diplomas for his Wife
  • Hand Typed Short Autobiography
  • Stack of original photographs showing Janis and examples of his work (including the album in this listing)
  • Album measures 16″ W x 12-1/2″ H
  • Once in a Lifetime Collection from an amazing Artist!

Janis Pontaks was Born in Latvia in 1902.  The first World War forced him to flee into Russia, and he returned to Latvia after the Russian Revolution.  World War II forced him to flea into Berlin, then to a small village where he was liberated by the US Army.

He resumed studies in the arts after being transferred to a US Army displaced Persons centre, and from 1945 he studied and became a Master of Metal and Leather Modeling from the German Artists Union and the Latvian Arts & Crafts Association.

Between 1945-1949, He was involved in exhibitions in Kopenhagen, London, Paris, Geneve, Toronto, amongst others.

In 1949 He and his wife, and eventually settled in Colorado Springs around 1950.

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Beautiful overall condition. The photograph album show minor dust and some light scratching from age. The top right corner has some frayed trim. The silver plate shows moderate scratching and patina, but has a great aged look.The album hasn’t been used, and the interior pages are clean.The Historical collection of items (diplomas/certificates, photographs, papers, etc.) are all in good shape. The paper items show some light to mild edge wear from storage, and some minor discoloration. A couple of the photos have what looks like light water damage. Please see provided photographs for visual conditions.


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