Rare Desirable c. 1931 Marx Merrymakers Lithographed Wind-Up Tin Toy Working VG


I am pleased to offer this Rare Desirable c. 1931 Marx Merrymakers Tin Wind-Up Toy! This is by far one of Marx’s best toys!  The Merrymakers is a mouse band that is decorated in red, white and black lithograph.  The mice are attired in black coats, high-button shoes, white gloves & shirts, and red waistcoats. 

The piano is thoroughly lithographed with full-figure mice, heads of cats, piano keys, and sheet music.  The back reads in large bold lettering “Marx Merrymakers”.

One mouse rocks back & forth has he plays piano. To the left, a mouse beats a drum with a cat face on it. Like other Marx jigger toys, a third mouse dances next to the pianist, and a fourth mouse (the baton variation) sits on top and waves his arms up and down.

There is a fixed wind key on the right side, as well as a start/stop lever.  When I tested the wind up it works great!  Each mouse moves accordingly and are very fun to watch.  The start/stop lever functions as well.

This Marx Merrymakers first appeared in 1931 catalogs and was being sold at the time for 98 cents! Amazing!

This Merrymakers toy is in very good condition.  The tin remains bright and vibrant, and the black remains dark.  Some of the red litho has slightly faded to be a touch on the orange side, but they toy still retains a elegant appearance.  There is light scratching on the mice from movement and use, and very light scratching on the piano.  The piece is 100% original.

Measures (with mice attached) approx. 9″ W x 8-3/4″ H x 4-7/8″ Deep 

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