Rare 1920-30s Andre Citroen Limousine Tin Wind Up Car France Large Scale 15″ L


I am pleased to offer this Very Rare Antique 1920s  Andre Citroen Limousine Tin Wind Up Toy!

These rare large cars are highly sought after by collectors, as their craftsmanship and limited production stand them out in the world of toys! 

Andre Citroen, known as the “Henry Ford” of the European Automotive World, was a French engineer and founder of Citroen Automobiles (1919).  He had the idea to produce very detailed tin toys of his cars, as it would establish brand recognition and favoritism early in childhood.  However when it was realized that when the children were old enough to buy a car they would want a new model, the toy production was ceased.

This particular toy is a large tin version of the famous Limousine. The car is equipped with the original embossed folding front seats, embossed back bench seat, Front steering,  headlight housing (no bulbs), partial paper Citroen logo, and a wind up motor attached to the rear wheels.

Measures approx.  15″ L x 6″ W x 7″ H


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The body shows some moderate scratching, but retains the majority of original paint and spare rear tire. Mild oxidation present on the grill and rear tire, and light cracking to the paint throughout is visible. The seats show some mild paint loss and a chip to the passenger side seat. The wind up is working well, and can be wound by rolling the car backwards (no key is included).All in all, great completely original piece.


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