Pre-War 1935 Minic Tri-Ang 33M Steam Roller Tin Toy


I am offering a vintage Minic Tri-Ang Steam Roller wind up tin toy. The toy measures 5 1/2″ inches long and is 2″ inches wide. It appears in very good shape! Note light surface rust on motor, some light paint chips and a small dent on the top corner; I tried to picture them all. The wheels and roller are made of wood. The bottom reads, ” Tri-Ang Minic Made in England.” Overall, the paint is bright and the toy has nice detail.


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The bank shows some points of wear but most of the original finish is present and still very bright & colorful. The bank is missing its tin trap. The tail and the rectangular tin piece in the mechanism that accepts the coin when it falls into the bank have been professionally replaced. The bank does not work properly & needs adjustment. The elephant’s head moves slightly when the tail is pushed down. However, even with these flaws, the bank is still somewhat above average condition compared to how this rare bank normally turns up.


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