Lot of 3 Koyo Co. Japan Lithographed Tin Friction Toys Swift Boat Lady Bugs Work


I am pleased to offer this lot of 3 Vintage Koyo Japan Lithographed Tin Friction Toys! 

Included are 2 Lady Bugs, and the Swift Boat #37! 

Each toy is all original, and is working.  The lithograph on each toy remains vibrant, and the Koyo trademark can be clearly seen.

Swift boat measures approx. 4″ L x 2-1/4″ W x 1-1/2″ H

Ladybugs measure approx. 2″ Diameter x 1-1/8″ H


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These vintage Koyo toys are in very good condition for their age. Each toy shows some light scratching to the litho, and some more moderate scratching on the undersides. The rubber on all the wheels is in good shape. The friction motors are working strong, and will move the toy forwards a short ways when pushed (the ladybugs will spin if pushed hard).


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