Lot of 18 Image Comics Books Youngblood, Weapon Zero +


I am pleased to offer this Lot of 18 1990’s Image Comic Books that consists of these four different titles: Youngblood, Weapon Zero, Stormwatch and Violator.

Lot includes:

  • 3 Stormwatch (Scott Clark and Trevor Scott; Mar 1, May 2, July 3)
  • 3 Violator vs. Badrock (Liefeld; Jun 2, 3, May 1 and Violator May 1)
  • 4 Weapon Zero (T-1 Oct, T-2 Sep, T-3 Aug, T-4 Jun)
  • 8 Youngblood (Liefeld and others; July 1 & 2, two May 1, Jun 2, Feb 4, 1 and Dec 0)

Most come sealed in plastic sleeves; two are not. All appear in great overall condition. Not certain if some have previously come out of their sleeves.

Measurements: approx. 10″ inches long x 6-1/2″ inches wide. 


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