Large Cabinet Card Double Photo of a Young Couple


 I am pleased to offer this original sepia cabinet card that includes two side-by-side studio photos of an attractive young couple. The young woman has fantastic finger curls with a very coy expression on her face, and the young man looks confident with his three-piece suit, slicked back hair, and silk pocket hankie. This couple exemplifies the fashion of the time.

Each individual photo measures 4×6 and each is mounted to the cabinet card in its own decorative frame of thick paper. The entire cabinet card measures 12″ by 8-3/4″.

This antique cabinet card photograph is in good condition for its age. Both images are clear and crisp. The photos do show signs of wear like some yellowing and spots, and the cabinet card shows some wear and a minor rip along the upper fold.

This photo displays nicely and would be an excellent addition to your antique photo collection.

Thank you for viewing. 




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