June 1930 Chicago Illinois Blade And Ledger Newspaper



I am pleased to offer a vintage Blade And Ledger Newspaper from Chicago dated June, 1930.  This issue features color artwork signed “Hughes” on the cover and is marked Vol. 42, No. 12.  Priced at 5 cents, this paper features 16 pages of fictional stories, articles, an advice column, and all kinds of interesting advertising for medical cures, jobs, tires, and more.  Measures 15″ X 10 1/2″ on cover.

This paper is in good condition considering age.  Shows some tears up the side and loss on edges but print is clear and legible.  Paper has aged in color and shows some staining but that doesn’t take away from the interesting content and unique features.  A great look back at what people were reading in 1930.


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