Hand Painted Porcelain Antique 19th Century Plaque Brass Rose Frame 4.25″


I am pleased to offer this beautiful Victorian era hand painted cameo portrait piece. 

This beautiful piece features a lovely young lady with a ribbon in her hair.  

The signature looks to be “Rau”. 

The back of the porcelain is also signed with “Totokei”(?) and impressed with the #15. 

The porcelain is held in a lovely thin brass frame with rose pattern.  The original backing appears missing, the the frame has an old modification to keep the porcelain in place (see photos)

Measures 4-1/4″ x 3-3/4″ including the frame


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Moderate patina to the brass frame. The painting shows light wear, with a few small nicks down her dress collar and near her bust (see photos). Displays well


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