Figural Gargoyle Inkwell Cast Spelter Imp Goblin Open Antique Unusual


I am pleased to offer this antique inkwell!

Very atypical, as you commonly see these with hinged lids and cast brass.  Also, a lot of the cast brass have closed off ears, which are not functional.

This is a high details casting in spelter with the common chrome silver finish.  There was no cast hinge for a lid on this piece.  The ears are hollow and cast at an angle which allows you to use them as pen holders.

Included is a deep Brass insert.

Very Delicate and fragile piece, it’s amazing it survived the ages as well as it has!

Measures 2-1/4″ Tall



Piece is in good condition considering age and fragility. Original chrome silver finish is about 60% I’d say, give or take a little. Heavy tarnish and patina, as well as some moderate scratching throughout. Small crack in the back wall. Brass insert has mild patina and scratching. Overall lovely atypical display quality.


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