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Opamerica has accumulated thousands of antiques and collectibles representing many decades and centuries of life style in America.   Like all eclectic collections, it is hard to classify items and present them in an organized manner.

We have been collecting Toys and Mechanical banks for what seems a lifetime.  In 1998 we discovered eBay and found a marketplace for our Toy Collection and much more.

Our passion was Mechanical Banks and over the years we have bought and sold hundreds of banks.  Even today our available eBay bank collection is one of the largest continuously for sale.

In old photographs, we discovered a view into history that is unique and limited in supply.  Digital photography has obsoleted the passing of an image as a remembrance.  The evolution of photography is amazing.

Just like our antique, we have extended our inventory into the category of collectibles.  We are always amazed at what is collectible these days.

Aside from collecting toys we have uncovered certain antiques that have found a home in our inventory.  Hopefully we have classified these correctly.

We have reserved this classification for items that eBay does not see fit to classify on their online site or are too difficult to list otherwise but still have a place in our world.