Congratulations on Your Promotion Card Handmade Israel


Here is a fun vintage greeting card to give to someone who’s just received a promotion! This humorous card was handmade in Israel and is still in its original wrapping. It features a man walking up some stairs with a noose around his neck. It was meant to give as a joke. The card is made from paper and is printed, but also has images glued onto the front of it, including string (for the noose) thin balsa wood (for the stair rail), and pieces of paper used to depict the man’s body and facial features.

There appears to be writing in another language at the top of the card. This card has the fold on the right, as opposed to the left, which is common in the U.S.. The back says “Handmade in Israel by Shamulik Dafkine (last name may not be spelled correctly).

Card measures 7 13/16″ x 3 7/16″. It is in good condition, the stain on the wood appears to have absorbed into the card a bit, which to me, looks just fine.


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