Civil War Tintype Photo & Discharge Papers Charles Maguire Mass Volunteer Inf.



  • Excellent set of Civil War Items
  • 1/9th Plate Tintype Photograph of Union Man, top buttoned coat, lightly tinted cheeks.  (2) U.S. 1st Issue 1¢ Revenue Stamps on the back
  • ornate brass mat & preservers with glass
  • Half Thermoplastic Union Case
  • NOTE: No Markings or identification present on the case/image itself


  • Original Certificate of Discharge papers, noting a Charles Maguire was discharged by reason of “Surgeons certificate of disability” in May of 1862
  • Maguire, a 27 year old Irish shoemaker immigrant, was recruited at Fort Independence in Boston on July 11th, 1861.  He was recruited into Company G of the 13th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry.
  • The discharge form denotes that he is due pay, and attached via adhesive is another form titled “Form #5” which totals what he is owned for pay, travel, and clothing…totaling to a balance of $50.90 (which would be roughly $1375 in today’s dollars!)


The image was acquired with the papers as a set from a collection.  The collector believed that the image was of the man noted in the papers, however, in my research I was not able to corroborate that with certainty as the image itself is not marked.


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Very nice overall condition. The tintype shows some light dust and minor scratching, and the brass mat/preserver show some spotted patina. The photo comes in a half-case, thermoplastic with missing hinges. The certificate of Discharge paper, and the Form #5 attached are in excellent condition, showing some minor edge wear and minor discoloration.


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