Cased Daguerreotype Photograph of Gentleman Antique 1/6th Plate c. 1850s


  • 1/6th Plate Early 1850s Daguerreotype Photograph
  • Handsome Portrait of a Middle-aged gentleman
  • textured flat brass mat, simple brass preserver, and protective glass
  • Leather & wood case with floral pattern, original spine, and intact eye hooks.
  • Nice soft red silk interior pad
  • Great addition to your collection!


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good overall condition. The image shows some very light dust and some light scratching. It is not sealed, and the scratching could be from an attempted cleaning. Man’s portrait largely unaffected. Very light spotting on the image, and some discoloration on the edge of the mat. Mat and preserver show very light patina. Leather case has one broken sidewall on the image bind side. Original spine and eye loops intact.


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