Cabinet Card Photo of Woman with Large Bow Hand-Tinted


I am pleased to offer this original antique cabinet card photo of a woman in profile with a large bow around her neck and flower in her hair. This sepia photograph has been hand-tinted in specific areas. The large bow around her neck is bright blue, and the flower has been tinted a red and green color. The cross around her neck is a gold color, and one of her eyes has been shaded to accomplish a very lifelike effect. The cursive handwriting at the bottom of the cabinet card identifies the woman as “Sister Dora.”

This cabinet card photo measures 6-1/2″ by 4-3/8″. This photograph was taken by the photographer C. E. Beane in Boston Highlands.

This photograph is in antique condition. It includes wear from age and display including yellowing, some spots on the image, and a significant crease across the upper half of the cabinet card. The image is visible and the hand-tinted colors are vibrant.

This is an excellent addition to your collection!

Thank you for viewing. 





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