Vintage Black American Folk Art Memory Jug

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  • Stunning Early American Folk Art Piece!
  • 7-1/2″ Tall Amber Glass Bottle used as a memory jug
  • Jam packed with buttons, stones, beads
  • Notable are the many cameos also included, which wrap around the center of the piece and then are sporadically placed across the rest of the bottle
  • With utmost certainty, this piece will catch the eyes of all who walk into an area in which it is displayed.
  • Very Fine addition to any collection!




Memory jugs are also known as forget-me-not jugs, spirit jars, ugly jars, or memory vessels.  They are adorned with an assortment of materials, typically associated with the deceased.

There is a lot of interesting history about these pieces, take some time to read about them (easy google search, memory jugs).  It’s quite fascinating!



Excellent overall condition. Light dust and some minor scuffing from age/storage. One button has a mild chip near the bottom. The clay/material binding the objects has a spot of loss near the top rim, and one on the bottom (See photos). Stunning Display piece!


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