Antique Wide-Brimmed Preacher’s Derby Bowler Hat Vented Small 6-3/8 Size Youth?


I am pleased to offer this Antique Wide-brimmed Preacher’s Style Derby Hat! 

This hat has a vented crown and a flatter, wider brim giving it that very sacerdotal appearance. 

That has is vented on the top, and features a leather lining on the inside rim marked “Latest Cushion Fitting”.

The hat is roughly a size 6-3/8, which by todays standard would be youth sized. 

However 100+ years ago people on average were smaller, and this could’ve been an adult hat.  Or it could have been a preacher’s son’s hat! 

It was very typical that a man’s son(s) would shadow him as an assistant in his occupation.



This antique hat is in good condition for its age, showing some mild dust and some wear from storage. The inside of the external brim shows discoloration, and the hard brim shows a few small cracks along the edge. The leather interior lining shows some mild wear as well.


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