Antique Victorian Music Box Photograph Album 32 Photos Cabinet Cards CDVs NE USA


I am pleased to offer this Lovely Antique Musical Photo Album that includes approximately 30  photographs and a music box.

Features a leather bound cover with brown and gold decor and gold metal snap clasp. Appears repaired/rebound at exterior binding area of cover.

Images include 4 cabinet cards and 26 CDVS.  Most are from the Northeast United States, including MA, NY, NH.  Family name Pierce is on one of the photos.

Some featured: a girl sitting on a swing and a young man in a suit holding a stylish derby hat; most are adults, young and old with one small child.

Music starts when key is wound when the latch is opened; plays through the melody. The latch doesn’t always catch to make the cylinder stop. Sounds like it chimes a few various tunes. 

Measurements: approx. album 9″ x 7″ x 2″ 



Exterior shows moderate wear and the spine appears repaired. The interior pages show moderate tearing and wear. Photos remain is pretty good shape, however a couple have page pieces stuck on them.


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