Antique Tin Touring Car Toy JLH Hess Hessmobil Flywheel Germany VN 8.5″


  • Uncommon Early 1900s Tin Toy Car by John Leonard Hess (1906-1934) of Germany
  • c.1910s-early 1920s
  • #1021 Hessmobil Open Touring Car with Chauffeur Driver
  • Nice detailed red body with white/black trim, black chassis
  • Lovely Litho’d interior seats
  • Tin wheels with “spoked” detailed rims
  • Flywheel Powered rear wheels: operated by spinning the front mounted motor crank counter-clockwise to build up speed. Small button style flange on hood allows you to spin up the flywheel, then release to engage the wheels-moving the car forwards.
  • Marked “Hessmobil 1021 Germany” on the front grill, JLH Trademark initials on the side panels.
  • Car approx. 8-1/2″ Long (without crank) x 3″ W x 3-3/4″ Tall
  • Superb addition to any toy collection!


Hess Toys was founded in 1826 by Matthias Hess in Nuremberg, Germany. They are recognized as one of the first toy manufacturers.

In 1886, Matthias’ son John Leonard took over management of the toy company, and then later fully inherited it in 1906.  His initials, JLH, were adopted as the company’s trademark.




Very Good overall condition. Some light scratching present across the car with very light paint loss. There are a couple of paint touch ups on scratches: one on the hood, one driver side, and one on the rear. Light dust in the crevices and inside cab from display. Flywheel is operating and the car will travel about 5-6 feet on a fast spin.


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