Antique Strauss Jackee Hornpipe Dancer Jigger Sailor American Tin Wind Up Toy


I am pleased to offer this Antique Ferdinand Strauss Jackee The Hornpipe Dancer Tin Wind Up Toy! 

This early Strauss toy is constructed of lithographed tin, and features a boat-shaped base with a fixed wind and a start/stop lever. 

Attached via a small metal pole is Jackee, a tin sailor figure with jointed arms and legs. 

When wound up and set to start, the boat will slowly crawl forwards as Jackee does a hilarious Jig!

Measures approx. 8-5/8″ L x 3-3/8″ W x 8-5/8″ H


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This antique Strauss Jackee toy is in good working condition. There is some mild scratching to the tin, mostly notable near where Jackee’s feet hit the boat. Jackee shows some moderate discoloration and oxidation from age. Most of the discoloration is from nicotine, and there is a moderate smoke odor. There is very minimal oxidation on the boat. The wind up is strong, and when wound the toy functions as intended.


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