Antique Rare Charles Rossignol CR #975 Taxi w/ Driver France 5.5″ + Spanish Box


  • Very Uncommon Charles Rossignol Taxi
  • Nicely detailed and colored in litho to resemble the taxis of the day
  • #975, Small variation on the French Taxi (looks like a Darracq to me). There are a few variations of the toy that were made to resemble the “la Marne”. This is a different make
  • Small tin blue driver figure
  • Fancy “CR” marks on the doors, “C. France 975 R.” on the rear
  • Fixed key wind up attached to the rear wheels, tested working.
  • Comes with an antique box from Spain (Badajoz), could be a box sold with the toy from the retailer.  Not an original CR box.
  • Measures approx. 5-1/2″ Long x 2-3/8″ w x 3-5/8″ H
  • Superb addition to any toy collection!

For those piqued by history:

CR (1868-1962) was one of the most successful toy manufacturers in French, as well as world, history. 

Founded by Charles Rossignol in 1868, then run by his Son from 1888 on. The company shut its doors in 1962. 

They produced some amazing tin toys, ranging from trains, motor cars, busses, planes, robots, boats, and more! 

Chrles Rossignol is also credited with being the creator of the tab and slot assembly method for tin toys, which was eventually adopted by toymakers worldwide.



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Very nice overall condition. Mild scratching across the body with little loss to the original litho. The hood area shows the heaviest wear. Original tin taxi meter/flag piece intact. Rear left wheel has broken from the hubcap, hubcap repaired to axle. Windup tested and is functioning, car will travel on broken wheel as is. Comes with antique box.


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