Antique In Memory of Service Display German Soldier Framed Franco-Prussian War


I am pleased to offer this Antique In Memory of Service Prussian Solider Framed Display! 

This beautiful large display was crafted to honor the service of a infantry solider, likely during the Franco-Prussian war. The top of the display has emperor Wilhelm I, who reigned as emperor between 1871-1888. 

The large print shows the uniformed soldier in three different stances, with his faces being actual superimposed photographs. 

The man was enlisted in the 7. Pommersches Infantry Regiment No. 54.  His name Appears on the bottom center and looks to be Yul Solzrke (Please Correct if wrong, I do not speak German!).  

The piece is kept in a large wood frame.

Measures approx. 24-7/8″ W x 18-7/8″ H x 1-7/8″ Deep


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This antique In Memory of Service Display is in fair condition for its age. The paper shows heavy staining along the left and bottom edges, and some small tears can bee seen along the edges as well. The colors of the print remain vibrant. The wood frame shows heavy scratching and chipping to the wood from age and previous display.


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