Antique Hand Puppet European Early 20th Century Large 21″ Hand Carved


I am pleased to offer an antique European hand carved puppet dating to the early 1900s. 
This gentleman features a wooden head with detailed carving and hand painting of his beard, hair, and facial features. 

He is dressed in hand sewn costume that includes a large attached cape.  Elaborate clothing with hat features metal sequins and metallic rickrack trim throughout. 

Unique as the large waist band piece is actually pieces of a zipper.  Costume of silk, cotton, and velvet.  It is lined with what looks to be a scrap quilt.  At the bottom of the costume there is a large hook sewn into the back hem. 

Hand fits into the costume for fingers to fit into the costume sleeves.  The felt hat has an attached tail and metallic decorative piece on one side. 

Length of entire doll is 21″.  The wooden head piece is approximately 6-1/2″ in length and 3-3/4″ in width.  Quite a wonderful piece.


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In good condition considering age but does show wear throughout. The sides of the head show wear with what may be termite damage along the hair. The ear on the right side is also worn with spots of loss. There is a small nail protruding from the right side of the head. The clothing is faded but intact with no moth holes but the hat has a crack on the side and is dusty. The silk has started to tear along the front of the costume. Still a very unique piece that displays well.


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