Antique Genuine Almond Paste Ad Tin Henry Heide Inc. NY


I am pleased to offer this Antique Henry Heide, Genuine Almond Paste Tin. This product was manufactured by Henry Heide Inc. in New York, NY. I believe this tin to be over 100 years old and originating from around 1905. I was able to locate an ad that shows this exact label design. The ad was celebrating the company’s 30th anniversary in 1905. The tin was, at one time, vacuum packed. The key to open it is still on the top. This container was opened from the bottom. The lithograph label is in good shape for its age. There is some scratching, fading, and product residue but all of the words are legible and the colors are still bright. The metal has some oxidation on it, but after further inspection I was able to determine that the oxidation has not created any holes in the metal. The container has some small dents in it, the majority of which are on the top (lid).

Measurements: approx.: 5″ inches tall x 6-1/8″ inches in diameter



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