Antique CDV Photo Three Young Children Glasgow Scotland


Antique CDV photo featuring three young children in their finest clothing.  Standing in back on the right is a girl with very long wavy hair in a dress that buttons down the front.  Seated next to her is a boy in full-length pants with vest and coat.  The youngest child is seated in front and is wearing short knicker pants with coat and tie.  This is a formal pose taken inside a studio.  Total measurements including card are 4 1/8″ X 2 1/2″.

Bottom of card is marked “Andrew Bowman Glasgow”.  Back side of card reads “Artist & Photographer Andrew Bowman, 74 Jamaica Street, Glasgow, This or any other portrait enlarged up to life size and painted in oil or water colors to order.  Extra copies can be had at reduced price.  Oborne, London & Paris”.

Item in good condition with some light staining/marks on front.  Corners are slightly bent.



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