Antique c. 1930-36 Monkey & Parrot Mechanical Bank Tin Litho Saalheimer Strauss


Presenting an antique c. 1930-36 Lithographed Tin Monkey and Parrot Mechanical Bank!  This bank was manufactured by the famous Saalheimer & Strauss of Germany, who had international renown for their mechanical banks.

The litho is still very bright and colorful! Measures 6″ inches tall and is 4″ inches wide.

Just above the monkey’s tail, impressed in the metal, appears the statement “Put Money Here.” To operate the bank a coin is placed as instructed. Then the lever shown on the left in the picture is depressed.

As the lever is pushed down the monkey also bends down and the coin slides along his back and comes to rest in his upraised hands. At the same time the parrot opens his beak very widely and his eyes convey the effect of movement.

Upon releasing the lever a spring action snaps the monkey back to his position as shown. The coin flies through its guided path, up and into the parrot’s beak. The parrot’s beak closes to the position shown in the picture as the coin enters.

Monkey and the Parrot have a real appeal and they seem to fit together in some natural sort of way. It’s a very clever bank with excellent action and makes a particularly desirable addition to a collection.



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