Antique 19th c. Hudson Bay Gorget Montreal German Silver + Presentation Collar


The gorget and effigies show expected patina from age, but display very well. The presentation collar is intact, appears sturdy. Color has faded over age and some small holes and fraying are visible. Piece appears to have been kept very well over the years.



  • Beautiful Antique 19th c. Hudson Bay German Silver Gorget
  • The gorget features two hanging fish effigies, and all three pieces are extensively touch marked
  • Marks include “HB”, “MONTREAL”, Crwon and an “S” inside a wreath featured on the front of each piece
  • The collar has a lovely stitched floral pattern with alternating colors, mostly velvet
  • The back of the main piece has an aged label that reads: “Hudson Bay Old German Silver Trade Gorget Montreal Indian Nucklace ca. 1800-1890”
  • Included with the piece was a old hand-written note, reading: “Montreal Hudson Bay Area Indian Trade Silver Gorget. Lathe 2700 to early 1800s. Retained original collar.” Signed “L.Strabrina” dated 1903.
  • The reverse side of the note reads: “Given to Ray Wilson by Lawrence Strabina on his 70th Birthday July 2. 1924”


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