Antique 19th C. Dutch Silhouette Engraving H.J. Colmschate 1/6th Plate Case


  • Very interesting Early 19th c. Engraving
  • Silhouette Portrait engraving, based off of the original c. 1790s East India Ink silhouette, of Dutch political Member H.J. Colmschate (1759-1829)
  • Held various position in the Netherlands political system, tied to the Almelo District
  • Engraving was likely taken from a  publication early 1800s
  • Simple Brass mat & thick glass, no preserver
  • Comes with an early 10-piece Wood & leather 1/6th Plate case, simple floral pattern. Original Spine intact, nice lightly faded rose colored silk pad.
  • Great addition to your collection!



Nice overall condition. The original paper shows discoloration from UV on the visible are under the mat. It had also been retaped to the mat at some point with more modern tape. The mat shows some light patina from age, no preserver. The early leather case shows some mild edge wear, retains its original spine, and has some light wear to the original early silk pad.


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