Antique 1932 Marx Smitty Lithographed Tin Comic Character w/o Scooter Toy Figure


I am pleased to offer this Very Rare Antique 1932 Marx Smitty Lithographed Tin Comic Character! 

This Smitty was a piece of the “Smitty Scooter” toy, which has a wind up scooter base that the figure could slide on/off of.  unfortunately this Smitty’s scooter was lost to time.

The figure is from the “Smitty” comic strip created in 1922 by Walter Berndt.  He is dressed in an orange/yellow sweater, short black pants, long socks, and shoes.  He also wears a cap and bow tie. 

The toy first appeared in the 1932 Sears Fall/Winter catalog, and was grouped with 4 other toys that all together sold for a whopping $1!

Measures approx. 6-3/8″ Tall x 4-1/4″ Long


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This Smitty figure is in good condition for its age. There is mild scratching to the tin, and light loss to the original paint. There is heavy oxidation on his rear leg and right arm (see photos), and light oxidation throughout the rest of him.


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