Antique 1932 J. Chein Happy Hooligan Wind-Up Walking Tin Toy 6″ Comic Character


I am pleased to offer this Antique 1932 Happy Hooligan Tin Wind Up Walking Toy by J. Chein! 

Happy Hooligan was a popular comic character from 1900 to 1932, and was known as a good-hearted hobo who frequently dealt with mayhem in return for his good deeds. 

This hilarious toy, produced by J. Chein,  shows Happy in his famous tin can hat and big green coat.  The toy features a fixed wind key on the back, and when wound up Happy will quickly shake back and forth causing him to “walk” around. 

The J.Chein mark can be seen on his back shoulder.

Measurements: approx. 6″ inches in height x 3″ inches wide.



This antique Happy Hooligan toy is in good working condition. There is some mild scratching to the body and face, but very light loss to the litho (one large scratch on the back of the hat). There is some mild oxidation on his face, feet, and wind key. The wind up is strong, and when wound the toy functions as intended (quickly shuffles and walks around).


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