Antique 1930s Unique Art Capitol Hill Racer Tin Windup Toy Complete Working


I am pleased to offer this Antique 1930s Unique Art MFG. Co. Capitol Hill Racer Tin Windup Toy!  The Capitol Hill Racer toy features a tin wind up “factory” building and a two-piece tin ramp, as well as a 2″ small tin race car!  When the toy is wound, you drop the racer from the top of the ramp, watch it race down, and when it enters the factory the mechanism shoots it back up the ramp!  The process will repeat until the mechanism needs to be re-wound. The building has litho detailing, and on one side is labeled “Capitol Hill Racer Unique Art MFG. Co.”

This Capitol Hill Racer is in good working condition!  There is light scratching to the building and ramps from previous use and display.  The wind up mechanism is strong, and will push the racer at least half way (if not the whole way) each time. Occasionally the mechanism will snap multiple times on its own.  There is light oxidation on the areas of paint loss, and on the key.

Measures (assembled) approx. 17″ L x 2-3/8″ W x 4-3/8″ H

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