Antique 1930s Marx Joe Penner & His Duck Goo Goo Tin Wind Up Walking Toy Works


I am pleased to offer this Antique c.1930s Joe Penner and His Duck Goo Goo Tin Windup Toy by Marx!  Joe Penner was a Nationally famous radio comedian in the early-mid 1930s!  His famous catch phrase was “Wanna buy a Duck?”, and was featured in the 1934 musical film “College Rhythm”.

This toy, Manufactured by Marx, pays homage to the comedian.  The toy is constructed of brightly lithographed tin and shows Penner carrying his duck Goo Goo, as well as a basket of ducks reading “Wanna buy a duck? Sincerely, Joe Penner”.  The toy has a fixed wind key on the left side, and when wound Penner will move his legs furiously, causing him walk around sporadically.

Measures approx. 8-1/4″ H x 4″ W x 4-3/8″ L



This Marx Joe Penner toy is in good overall condition for its age, showing some moderate scratching and mild loss to the original paint. The larger scratches are seen on Goo Goo. The color of the litho has faded slightly, and mild oxidation present in the areas of paint loss (as well as on the key). The wind up is strong, and his legs crazily kick while they scuffle him about. He doesn’t move very far, but is still good for a laugh!


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